One of the first questions we always get is why did you decide on "Red Door Pharmacy and Gifts" as the name. A "Red Door" has a lot of historical meaning and encompasses many aspects of our personal and professional lives. Here are a few of the meanings:

  • In the south a Red Door on a home is a sign that the home is welcome and inviting.

  1. Christians painted their doors with the blood of the lamb (CREATING A RED DOOR) as a sign of obedience so that the angel of death would Passover their home and spare their first born son.

  • During the Civil War safe houses with the Underground Railroad painted their doors red as a symbol to fleeing slaves so they could recognize a safe place to stay for the evening.

  1. Chinese culture believe that a Red Door on a home creates good luck for the occupants and all who pass through.


Why did I become a pharmacist?

First of all I like to help people! I love to talk to people and share knowledge with them to help them get better. My dad was a diabetic and we would spend many afternoons at the pharmacy. The pharmacist knew my dad and took care of him. I knew immediately that pharmacy was the profession that I wanted to pursue. Also teaching runs in my family and I feel that any good pharmacist also needs to be a good teacher. I have learned throughout the years in this field that: No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care!

Why did we decide to open our own store?

This has been a lifelong dream of mine and my wife has always wanted to open a gift store. I looked around and realized that pharmacy had transformed from the service that my family was provided many years ago into less compassionate business model that was only concerned with the bottom line. That was not the profession I decided to go after almost 20 years ago.

I want to take pharmacy back to the way it used to be and show that it can still be done the "old fashioned" way. When you enter the store you will immediately recognize that the atmosphere was made to look old. From the brick wall on the front of the pharmacy (inside of the building) that gives that 1960's look to the 1964 glass door Cavalier Coke machine you will see on your way out. It was all designed to make you feel at home and comfortable.