We often get asked why we decided to name the store "Red Door" Pharmacy and Gifts. 

To many a red door is just simply a color. To us it has much more meaning than that.

- First of all it is a sign of Welcome in the south. This comes from early American tradition where a red door symbolized to tired horse and buggy travelers that a home was a safe place to stop and rest.

- Protection - In the Old Testament, Exodus 12, God commanded the Israelites to cover their doors in the blood of the lamb. This blood would act as a symbol of their obedience to God. Some churches still paint their doors red to symbolize Jesus' shed blood and that the area beyond the doors is sacred and holy. 

- Refuge - During the civil war, "safe homes" that were part of the Underground Railroad supposedly painted their doors red to guide escaped slaves to places of refuge and safety.

- Good Luck - Chinese consider red to be a lucky color and therefore many Chinese put a fresh coat of red paint on their front doors as part of their New Years celebration.



Our Mission

Our mission is to make you feel like family from the moment you walk in the door. The first thing that you will notice when you walk in is that Red Door Pharmacy and Gifts is not your everyday pharmacy. The style of the store is different than what you commonly see in this day and age. We created the store to make you feel like you were taken back to a time when pharmacies were more of a general store with GREAT service. We pride ourselves on customer service that goes above and beyond!